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Smile By Dr. K offers quality comprehensive orthodontic services to address various types of malocclusions and alignment issues. As every patient’s needs are different, we develop customized treatment plans to help them smile confidently. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable receiving safe and effective orthodontic care. We offer various types of orthodontic appliances and options to meet your aesthetic preferences and smile goals. Our team aims to provide each patient with a positive experience from initial consultation to follow-up appointments.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, call us at 818-341-5150 today.

What Sets Us Apart?

Smile By Dr. K Orthodontics is a patient-oriented practice that creates incredible smiles while building friendships with our patients and their families.

Dr. K and our team are committed to delivering professional, effective care that straightens teeth, establishes optimal oral health, and changes lives. We know the difference that having a beautiful smile can make for a person, increasing their self-confidence and the ease at which they move through the world. We’d be honored to create an amazing smile for you.

When you’re with us, you will always be the focus of our attention. We don’t overbook our appointments, so we have the time needed to devote to you and your care. We’ll always keep you updated on the progress we’re making in creating your smile, and are happy to answer any questions you or your family might have.

Because orthodontic changes are a gradual process, we have the time necessary to really get to know each person we care for. Being able to develop real relationships, laughing and talking with our patients and becoming close to them, helps all our team members love their work. It’s amazing to provide life-transforming care for people we think of as friends. That day when your braces come off and your new smile is revealed, we’ll be smiling, laughing, and celebrating right along with you.

As friendly as we are, though, we’re also passionate professionals: we use only the most proven, effective treatment processes and technologies to create individual smiles.

Each year we pursue continuing education offerings in order to deliver you the leading-edge care that creates straight teeth and a great bite. We’re strong advocates of the evidence-based treatment approach, employing the best treatments that are proven to have the best results for our patients.

Dr. K is devoted to spending time with each patient. While he could turn some care over to his assistants, he prefers to make and adjust the arch wires himself. He’s a hands-on orthodontist and believes in delivering personal service to each person. This also allows him to check in with you and make sure that you’re happy with how everything’s progressing and to talk with you about how well treatment is going.

Our blend of professional care and personalized attention, along with a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s filled with happy people, means our patients love to visit us. Many of our younger patients come bursting through the doors eager to tell us the latest news about their adventures, successes in the classroom or on the sports field, or their plans for an upcoming vacation. We love being around such vitality.

We offer complimentary consultations at our Chatsworth and Newbury Park, CA. offices, and invite you to schedule one for yourself or a loved one, today. Come in, meet our team, and learn how we make your smile dreams a reality.

Everyone at Smile By Dr. K Orthodontics looks forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to straight teeth; soon you’ll have a smile that will dazzle the world!

Dr. K

Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh

Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh is a double graduate of the University of California in Los Angeles. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree of Science in Psychbiology and received a doctorate of dental surgery from the UCLA school of Dentistry.

Dr. K as he is known by most, obtained his certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. There he studied many different styles of Orthodontics and was the Craniofacial resident. Also while practicing in New Jersey and New York he taught and lectured at UMDNJ and Montfiore.

The doctor is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Farsi fluently as he finds it very important to be able to communicate directly with his patients and parents himself. He understands that improving your smile is a personal journey and he tailors each treatment to each patients specific needs in order to help them achieve the smile and self confidence they have always wanted.

Away from the office Dr.K stays actively involved in many of the Orthodontic societies such as the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists), the PCSO (Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists), and the CAO Group. He also loves to give back to those in need when he can. Whether it be volunteering internationally, providing dental care to those who otherwise would be without it or supporting local programs such as "Give Kids a Smile Day" where he goes to local schools with other specialists and dentists to provide dental care and improve awareness among adolescence.

During his down time he has many hobbies to keep him busy. He enjoys hiking, cooking, cars and tech, and he even has a comic book collection from back when he was in braces! Dr. K also loves to hear all about the interests and hobbies of his patients, so tell him about all of the things that you love to do!


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